Owning a worry free and profitable vacation rental has never been easier.   

Our Services

Light Snow Removal

Big Cottonwood Canyon gets a lot of snow. Our snow removal service includes clearing walk ways, decks and patios and parking spots using your snowblower. We take care the smaller stuff while your plowing service takes care of the roads and driveways to your cabin.



We can clean your property after each visit along with any special cleanings. Surfaces will be sanitized, sheets changed and floors vacuumed to get ready for your next guests. Our cleaning specialists have years of industry experience to know what to clean and do get it done efficiently.

Repair and Construction Review

Since we are based in the canyon we can monitor construction and repairs of your property done by contractors and handymen. After they are done we will do a final inspection to make sure they were done right and that your cabin is ready for guests. You will not have to make a special trip to your check your property to after every repair.

Rental Analytics

Josh uses his two decades of experience as a senior analyst and project manager at Fortune 500 companies to give you an analysis of how your rental property is doing. These analytics will be helpful in balancing the income and expenses for your property.

Complaint Response

We respond to guest and neighbor complaints with guaranteed 20 minute response times. We are based in the canyon, which allows us to respond to problems from guests and neighbors quickly. Depending on what the problem is we will take care of it or call you.

Food and Supplies Delivery

We can pickup food and other supplies to keep your property stocked. After a guest leaves we will check and restock consumable products such as coffee, toilet paper and soaps. You don't have to worry about whether or not your rental property is well stocked for you and your guests.

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